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Welcome to West VA Genealogy Trails

Upshur County WV


Source: GNIS

Submitted by B. Ziegenmeyer

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Alton Cemetery 384847N 0801306W  
Bailey Cemetery 385705N 0801123W  
Beechtown Cemetery 385302N 0802057W  
Brooks Hill Cemetery 384534N 0801246W  
Buckhannon Memorial Cemetery 390010N 0801238W  
Chapel Cemetery 384952N 0800946W  
Chestnut Flat Cemetery 385021N 0802251W  
Gregory Cemetery 384348N 0802013W  
Heavener Cemetery 385848N 0801038W  
Lanham Cemetery 385109N 0800741W  
Maher Cemetery 384842N 0800818W  
Marple Cemetery 384744N 0801410W  
McDermott Cemetery 390055N 0800708W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 385454N 0801122W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 384648N 0800757W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 385808N 0800657W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 384700N 0801624W  
Oakington Cemetery 390238N 0801458W  
Oldaker Cemetery 390021N 0800625W  
Pleasant Dale Cemetery 384529N 0801528W  
Redabaugh Cemetery 390118N 0800555W  
Reed Cemetery 385522N 0801030W  
Reger Cemetery 390039N 0801625W  
Rice Cemetery 384416N 0801831W  
Rock Cave Cemetery 385012N 0802057W  
Rohrbough Cemetery 390039N 0801219W  
Ross Cemetery 384522N 0801351W  
Simmons Cemetery 384851N 0800624W  
Slab Camp Cemetery 385406N 0802004W  
Tenmile Cemetery 385123N 0801012W  
Upshur County Memorial Park 385756N 0801407W  


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