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Suicide of Dr. L.E. Wyckoff
Killed himself at Addison, Webster county, West Virginia.
Addison, W.Va., May 7 -- Dr. Lyman Eugene Wyckoff, who came here two weeks ago from Romulus, NY to locate for the practice of medicine, was found dead in his office last night. A hypodermic needle was found sticking in his hip. He left a wife at Franklin, Pendleton county, from whom he had been separated for four years. Dr. wyckoff left a will in which he left several thousand dollars' worth of property to his wife in trust for his son. Dr. Judy, who, he says, ruined him, he consigned "to the hottest place in --- to be punched up with Roman javelins and forever haunted by my sad and heart-broken spirit." ON a scrap of paper found near the body the following was written: "April 29, 1900 I swear before God now that this is the first cocaine I have used since November 22, 1899, and only a small amount of morphine, two drachms of morphine per month. Long ago (two years) I used one ounce every one or two days. Dr. L.E. Wyckoff."[Tuesday, May 8, 1900, Sun (Baltimore, MD)]

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