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Wirt County, WV


Source GNIS

Cemetery Name




Antioch Cemetery 390038N 0812718W  
Baker Cemetery 385610N 0812357W  
Beaty Cemetery 385819N 0811903W  
Beauchamp-Newman Cemetery 390352N 0812408W  
Belt Cemetery 385907N 0811348W  
Bethel Cemetery 390300N 0813042W  
Beulah Cemetery 390702N 0812517W  
Brumage Cemetery      
Buffalo Cemetery 385756N 0812514W  
Center Valley Cemetery 385710N 0812948W  
Cranesnest Cemetery 385645N 0812831W  
Deem Cemetery 390336N 0813041W  
Depue Cemetery 385710N 0811625W  
Dobson Cemetery      
Drift Cemetery      
Dunkard Cemetery      
Dye Cemetery      
Fairview Cemetery 390205N 0812911W  
Fought Cemetery 390747N 0812245W  
Fox Cemetery      
Freeport Cemetery 390822N 0811946W  
Gaites Cemetery 390142N 0813234W  
Gant Cemetery 390251N 0813121W  
Gibson Cemetery      
Grandview Cemetery 390443N 0812622W  
Groundhog Cemetery      
Guthrie Cemetery 390220N 0811724W  
Hartley Cemetery 390201N 0811054W  
Hill Grove Cemetery 385716N 0812024W  
Knights of Pythias Cemetery      
Limestone Cemetery      
Mayberry Cemetery 390005N 0812430W  
McCrae Cemetery 385710N 0811532W  
McCutcheon Cemetery 385525N 0812352W  
McFee Cemetery      
Morgan Cemetery 390104N 0812203W  
Mount Moriah Cemetery 390159N 0813119W  
Mount Pisgah Cemetery      
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 385600N 0811844W  
Mount Solon Cemetery 385612N 0812037W  
Mount Williams Cemetery 385507N 0812200W  
New Home Cemetery 390005N 0812428W  
Oak Hill Cemetery 390606N 0812424W  
Ott Cemetery 385949N 0812622W  
Palestine Cemetery      
Pine Twist Cemetery 390435N 0811729W  
Pisgah Cemetery 385846N 0812737W  
Prosperity Cemetery 390051N 0813126W  
Rector Cemetery 385823N 0811907W  
Roberts Cemetery      
Rockhold Cemetery      
Ruble Cemetery 390007N 0811828W  
Sandy Cemetery 390236N 0813338W  
Saratoga Cemetery 390038N 0812049W  
Sayer Cemetery      
Sheppard Cemetery 385927N 0812632W  
Shiloh Cemetery 390032N 0812214W  
Sims Cemetery      
Two Ripple Baptist Church Cemetery 390310N 0812259W  
Two Run Cemetery 385750N 0812319W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 385830N 0813159W  
Wells-Seaton Cemetery 390618N 0812347W  
Wolverton Cemetery 390039N 0811255W  


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