Wood County West Virginia






Amos Cemetery 390547N 0813554W  
Anderson Cemetery 390211N 0813613W  
Anderson Cemetery 390657N 0814133W  
Arlington Memorial Gardens 391742N 0813055W  
Bailey - Kanawha Chapel Cemetery 391207N 0812756W  
Barnes Cemetery 391500N 0814012W  
Beckwith Cemetery Number 1 391348N 0813921W  
Beha Cemetery 391023N 0812327W  
Bethany Christian Church Cemetery 391120N 0814345W  
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery 391505N 0813726W  
Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery 391956N 0812520W  
Big Tygart Cemetery 390758N
Blair Cemetery 390849N 0813653W  
Boso Cemetery 390457N 0814147W  
Boso Cemetery 391426N 0814105W  
Braham Cemetery 390333N 0813918W  
Brown Cemetery 390633N 0814256W  
Buckley Cemetery 390521N 0814205W  
Buckley Cemetery 390735N 0814004W  
Buckner Cemetery 390927N 0812726W  
Burd Cemetery 391303N 0814019W  
Butcher Cemetery 391124N 0813246W  
Byrd Cemetery 391046N 0812535W  
Byrd Cemetery 391033N 0812602W  
Caplinger Cemetery 391202N 0812647W  
Catholic Cemetery 391604N 0813104W  
Cedar Grove Cemetery 391350N 0813029W  
Central Church of Christ Cemetery 390518N 0813453W  
Chichester Cemetery 391924N 0812916W  
Compton Cemetery 391030N 0813152W  
Compton Cemetery 392134N 0812421W  
Congrove Cemetery 390655N 0814237W  
Corbin Cemetery 391817N 0812147W  
Creel Cemetery 391202N 0812936W  
Creel Cemetery 391205N 0812957W  
Creel Cemetery 391214N 0812913W  
Crooks Cemetery 390728N 0814351W  
Cunningham Cemetery 390817N 0814121W  
Deem Cemetery 390844N 0813005W  
Deem Cemetery 391238N 0813213W  
Deem Cemetery 390836N 0812648W  
Dils Cemetery 391605N 0813105W  
Edelen Cemetery 391617N 0813921W  
Engels Cemetery 390814N 0814321W  
Evergreen Cemetery 391439N 0813245W  
Everly Cemetery 391139N 0811918W  
Fairview Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery 391257N 0813920W  
Farr Cemetery 391026N 0812033W  
Farrow Cemetery 391327N 0812605W  
Farson Cemetery 391409N 0812615W  
Fleak Cemetery 390748N 0814059W  
Flinn Cemetery 390429N 0814107W  
Foley Cemetery 391438N 0813242W  
Ford Cemetery 390518N 0814312W  
Fort Belleville Cemetery 390814N 0814321W  
Gates Ridge Evangelical United Brethren Church Cemetery 390222N 0813439W  
Graham Cemetery 390920N 0813248W  
Grant Hill Cemetery 391322N 0812512W on Grant Hill Road outside of Murphytown
Greenhill Catholic Cemetery 391155N 0811912W  
Grogan Cemetery 391205N 0814040W  
Hall Cemetery 390655N 0814209W  
Harkins Cemetery 391952N 0813114W  
Harris Cemetery 390941N 0814103W  
Harris Cemetery 391047N 0814441W  
Henderson Cemetery 392228N 0812844W  
Hiatt Cemetery 392044N 0813200W  
Hickenbottom Cemetery 391225N 0814106W  
Hofmann Cemetery 390955N 0813933W  
Holliday Cemetery 391543N 0813321W  
Hopewell Cemetery 391036N 0814036W  
Humphrey Cemetery 390810N 0814422W  
Hupp Cemetery 391156N 0813851W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 391648N 0813253W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 391053N 0812217W  
Isabelle Flinn Cemetery 390553N 0814231W  
Jackson Cemetery 391234N 0813209W  
Johnson Cemetery 391218N 0812136W  
Johnson Cemetery 392156N 0812947W  
Kanawha Baptist Church Cemetery 390856N 0812542W  
Keenan Cemetery 390843N 0813956W  
Kincheloe Cemetery 391201N 0812954W  
Kinnaird Cemetery 392351N 0812540W  
Leachtown Community Cemetery 390857N 0812606W  
Lewis Cemetery 391543N 0814059W  
Lewis Cemetery 391519N 0814122W  
Limestone Cemetery 390318N 0813301W  
Lott Cemetery 390614N 0813656W  
Lowdell Cemetery 390305N 0813535W  
Lowers Cemetery 391004N 0813848W  
Lubeck Cemetery 391411N 0813802W  
Maddox Cemetery 391536N 0813645W  
Mathews Cemetery 391459N 0813228W  
Mayo Cemetery 392056N 0812904W  
McClure Cemetery 390943N 0813916W  
McDougle Cemetery 391519N 0814026W  
McMullen Cemetery 391717N 0811630W  
McPherson Cemetery 391448N 0813026W  
Meldahl Cemetery 391325N 0814101W  
Middle Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery 391706N 0811944W  
Miller Cemetery 390826N 0813956W  
Mills Cemetery 390456N 0814203W  
Morrison Cemetery 391039N 0813025W  
Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery 391622N 0813119W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 391016N 0812205W  
Mount Cemetery 391301N 0812705W  
Mount Moriah Church Cemetery 391707N 0812932W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 391119N 0811919W  
Mount Olive Church Cemetery 390539N 0813838W  
Mount Olivet Cemetery 391634N 0813143W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 392126N 0812651W  
Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church Cemetery 391104N 0813110W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 391025N 0813023W  
Munchmeyers Cemetery 391332N 0814042W  
Naylor Cemetery 390627N 0813522W  
Neal Cemetery 391610N 0814029W  
Neale Cemetery 391839N 0813303W  
Neale Cemetery 391542N 0814056W  
New England Cemetery 391217N 0814232W  
Newland Cemetery 391704N 0811543W  
Ogden Cemetery 391802N 0813131W  
Phillips Cemetery 390332N 0813918W  
Pickett Cemetery 390911N 0814230W  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 391824N 0812141W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 391112N 0813530W  
Pleasant Home Cemetery 390822N 0814149W  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 391452N 0812146W  
Pleasant View Cemetery 391226N 0813437W  
Pond Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 390409N 0813935W  
Posey Cemetery 391436N 0813551W  
Pugh Cemetery 392216N 0812902W  
Red Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery 391454N 0812824W  
Reeder Cemetery 391021N 0813230W  
Richards Cemetery 391552N 0813816W  
River Hill Cemetery 391548N 0813633W  
River View Cemetery 392356N 0812553W  
Riverview Cemetery 391625N 0813315W  
Rizer Cemetery 391308N 0812020W  
Robinson Cemetery 391040N 0813849W  
Robison Cemetery 390923N 0814010W  
Rosemar United Methodist Church Cemetery 391839N 0813134W  
Ross - McCardle Cemetery 391207N 0812950W  
Ruble Cemetery 391206N 0813201W  
Rush Cemetery 390719N 0814042W  
Saint Xaviers Cemetery 391613N 0813234W  
Sams Cemetery 391119N 0813422W  
Sandy Cemetery 390236N 0813338W  
Schultz Cemetery 390948N 0814259W  
Seebaugh Cemetery 390722N 0814101W  
Sellers Cemetery 390646N 0813858W  
Sharp - Prince Cemetery 392027N 0812341W  
Sheets Cemetery 390853N 0814136W  
Shiloh Cemetery 391629N 0812453W  
Sinclair Cemetery 391831N 0812211W  
Smith Cemetery 390536N 0814249W  
Smith Cemetery 390659N 0813656W  
Snider Cemetery 391203N 0812528W  
Spencer Cemetery 392007N 0813230W  
Spencer Cemetery 391925N 0813250W  
Spring Grove Cemetery 391751N 0813156W African American
Stephens Cemetery 390814N 0813337W  
Stephens Cemetery 391009N 0813236W  
Stephens Cemetery 391244N 0814013W  
Sunset Memory Gardens 391459N 0813527W  
Tavenner Cemetery 391517N 0813302W  
Tracewell Cemetery 391209N 0813039W  
Tracewell Cemetery 391458N 0813613W  
Twomey Cemetery 390609N 0813819W  
Uhl Cemetery 392210N 0812931W  
Vandevier Cemetery 391304N 0813025W  
Varner Cemetery 392048N 0813001W  
Vaughn Cemetery 391225N 0812819W  
Vaught Chapel Cemetery 390906N 0812602W  
Wadesville Cemetery 390903N 0813759W  
Way Cemetery 392052N 0813146W  
Weaser Cemetery 391052N 0813903W  
Wells Cemetery 390924N 0814405W  
White Cemetery 390534N 0814333W  
Wigal Cemetery 390741N 0814327W  
Wigal Cemetery 390835N 0813743W  
Williamstown Cemetery 392338N 0812648W  
Woodyard Cemetery 391715N 0813105W  
Wright Cemetery 391415N 0813257W  


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