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The first Census – 1850

The first census of Wyoming County got under way in the summer and was concluded in September of 1850. The census was marshaled by Thomas Cooke Jr. The total population of Wyoming County was 1,645, of which 61 were Negro slaves.

Most of Wyoming County’s residents were farmers but among its people also were three stone masons, two carpenters, two merchants, a hotel proprietor, a mail carrier, a shoe maker, a sleigh maker, and a school teacher.

Forty-one students, ranging in age from 6 to 22 years, had attended school within the year. In the Oceana area, the families of William and Nellie Cooke Brooks and John and Amy Stewart Canterbury made up most of the school population.

The McDonald family, with its vast holdings west of Oceana, owned the most land and were, by the measures of that day, very wealthy landowners. Joseph McDonald’s real estate was valued at $17,000; McDonald’s at $17,300; Stephen McDonald’s at $12,000.

The four sons of John Cooke – Thomas, John Jr., William, and James – owned real estate which was valued at $6,000. In 1850, the many grandsons of John were also landowners, with total real estate valued at $11,570, so much of the land was in the hands of the Cooke family. The real estate value of property owned by members of the Stewart family totaled about $2,200.  
(Wyoming County Report, Aug 6, 2012. Transc by: Candace Robinson)   


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