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John Allen Campbell

John Allen Campbell

Campbell, John Allen, soldier, governor, was born Oct. 8, 1835, in Salem, Ohio. He was promoted to brigadier-general for courage in the field and marked ability and fidelity at Rich Mountain, Shiloh, Perryville, Murfreesborough and through the Atlanta campaign. In 1866 he became assistant editor of the Cleveland Daily Leader. He was appointed in the regular army and made a lieutenant-colonel; and served as adjutant on the staff of General Schofield. In 1869 he was appointed the first governor of the territory of Wyoming; and was reappointed in 1873. He died July 14, 1880, in Washington, D.C.
["Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography: Contains Thirty-five Thousand Biographies of the Acknowledged Leaders of Life and Thought of the United States", by William Herringshaw, 1909 – TK - Sub by a FoFG]
In 1875, he served as Third Assistant Secretary of State under Secretary of State Hamilton Fish.

Campbell County, Wyoming is named after him.

August Lucius

One of the interpreters at Fort Laramie was August Lucius.  He accompanied Lieutenant Grattan on the morning of May 19, 1854, to arrest the Indians who killed the Mormon cow or ox, and he was there killed in what was known as the Grattan Massacre.  Lucius was a man of quarelsome disposition, when under the influence of liquor, and he had been drinking on the morning of that day, it is believed that his condition caused the Grattan Massacre.  (The History of Wyoming from the Earliest Discoveries, Chaplin, Spafford & Mathison Printers, 1899, Laramie, Wyoming)

Sergeant Leodiger Schneider

Sergeant Leodiger Schneider was stationed at Fort Laramie and on continuous duty thirty-seven years.  He arrived at the post with Company G, Sixth Infantry, August 12, 1849, and during the year 1886 was ordered east to take charge of the property of an abandoned post in New England.  This veteran joined the army in 1836.  He was born in 1818 of German birth and enlisted from Pennsylvania.  At an early age Schneider was apprenticed to a bookbinder, but not like the trade he joined the army.  The Sergeant was a well known figure at Fort Laramie from the first year of its founding as a military post down to within three years of its abandonment.  During all these long years he was respected and trusted by every commander.  At the time of the Grattan Massacre there were three or four women at the post, and these quite naturally were much frightened, as they greatly feared that the Indians would make an attack on the garrison, and Schneider, to quiet their apprehensions, ordered that they be concentrated so that a better defense of them could be made.  (The History of Wyoming from the Earliest Discoveries, Chaplin, Spafford & Mathison Printers, 1899, Laramie, Wyoming)


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