Wyoming Territory Residents in the Joliet Illinois Prison

This is an index to our Illinois Transcription Project of the Joliet, IL Prison Convict Registers, which also listed the Wyoming Territory residents who were jailed in the Joliet prison.
Much more information is available on these prisoners, including a physical description, parent information, nativity, education, alcoholic habits, etc. To view the available information we've been transcribing, find the name below and
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Smith Fred Albany - Wyoming Ty
Harley Fred Albany Wyoming
DeWitt Frank Albany Wyoming Ter.
Russell William W. Albany Wyoming Ter.
Brown Harry Albany Wyoming Ty
Crall Edward L. Albany Wyoming Ty
Embree Milton J. Albany Wyoming Ty
Grant William Albany Wyoming Ty
Smith Thomas Albany Wyoming Ty
Smith Charles Albany Wyoming Ty
Cool Charles M. Albany, Wyoming
Gingrich George Albany, Wyoming
Hale Thomas Albany, Wyoming
Miller John Albany, Wyoming
Mullen John Albany, Wyoming
Smith Harry L. Albany, Wyoming
Smith James Albany, Wyoming
Mitchell Arthur Carbon, Wyoming
Wooley Byron Carbon, Wyoming
Lankford James Crook, Wyoming
McClure Hall Crook, Wyoming
Wallace Willard Crook, Wyoming
Cummings William Fremont Wyoming Terr.
Parcell John C Fremont, Wyoming Terr.
Smith John Fremont, Wyoming Terr
Beaver An Arapahoe Indian Johnson, Wyoming Ty
Billy Bad Johnson Wyoming Terr.
Blevins Duroc Johnson Wyoming Terr
Conley James Johnson- Wyoming Teritory
Dunbar J.H. Johnson, Wyoming Ty
Howell William Johnson Wyoming Terr
Lamb Frank Johnson, Wyoming Ty
Samuel An Arapahoe Indian Johnson, Wyoming Ty
Slack A.J. Johnson, Wyoming Ty
Suff Frank Johnson- Wyoming Teritory
Baynes Henry M Laramie Wyoming
Fryar Henry Laramie Wyoming Ty
Gambell Charles Laramie Wyoming Ty
Hageman Fred Larmie Wyoming Territory
Morton John Laramie Wyoming
Roberts John Laramie Wyoming
Silz James Laramie Wyoming Ty
Smith Charles Larmie Wyoming Territory
Steoha? Herman Laramie, Wyoming
Stevenson William Larmie Wyoming Territory
Whiting William Laramie Wyoming Ty
Zalondek Frank Laramie Wyoming Ty
Robinson William Minta Wyoming Terr
Watkins William Minta Wyoming Terr
Webster Frank Minta Wyoming Terr
Carr Robert Sweetwater Wyoming Ty
Cole William Sweetwater Wyoming
Fischer Charles Sweetwater Wyoming Ty
Galligo Juan Sweetwater Wyoming
Gibb Lee Sing Sweetwater Wyoming Terr.
Bell Charles A. Uinta - Wyoming Ty

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