Lincoln County, Wyoming
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Source: GNIS

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Afton Cemetery 424304N 1105522W  
Auburn Cemetery 424701N 1110051W  
Ball Cemetery 424223N 1100306W  
Bedford Cemetery 425345N 1105704W  
Cokeville Cemetery 420455N 1105625W

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Cumberland Cemetery 413600N 1103445W  
Diamondville Cemetery     At Highway 30 turn North on Highway 189 travel east for .8 of a mile turn right before reaching Pizza Hut.  Travel south on Red Canyon Ave.
Elizabeth Paul Grave 422850N 1103743W  
Estella Brown Grave 423020N 1104319W  
Etna Cemetery 430229N 1105859W  
Fairview Cemetery 424055N 1105918W  
Grover Cemetery 424711N 1105527W  
Hamstork Cemetery 414802N 1103424W  
Holden Cemetery 420606N 1101328W  
Labarge Viola Cemetery     on Labarge Creek Road
Nancy Hill Grave 415612N 1104351W  
Smoot Cemetery 423716N 1105416W  
South Lincoln Cemetery     Kemmerer
Star Valley Cemetery      
Thayne Cemetery 425453N 1105920W  
Whitman Cemetery 420106N 1100312W  

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