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Sheridan County, Wyoming
St. Thomas Catholic Church


Submitted by Jo Ann Scott
source of data unknown

The Catholic Faithful of the St. Thomas Parish are interred in an early graveyard at Carneyville (Kleenburn). In the autumn of 1907 a church site was secured and an agreement entered. This agreement was between the church and the Carney Coal Company for the erections of a church building and parochial residence in the coal mining camp of Carneyville Inc.
September of that same year, this mission was formally created with the first priest from Holland, Father Henry Schellinger. He served this parish until 1913. The plot of land was officially leased in 1908 from the Carney Coal Company for the price of $1.00 for a time period of ninety- nine years. A quitclaim deed in favor of the Sheridan-Wy Coal Co. on Dec. 1, 1924 is noted from the Minute Book of the Church.


REV. HENRY SCHELLINGER, native of Holland, 1907-1913

REV. LUDWIG GRYMACHER, native of Poland, 1913 – 1915

REV. CASIMIR TOMIAK, native of Poland, 1915 – 1917

REV. THEODORE SHULTZ, Pennsylvanian of Polish parents, 1917 – July 16,1924. During his administration, the church was burned twice & the rectory once. Investigations by the local Sheriff proved only that they were of an incendiary nature. No one was ever charged with these crimes although articles from the Sheridan Post indicated that the Ku Klux Klan, an organization here in Sheridan with members ranging from as many as 500 may have been involved. The last church for the St. Thomas Parish was built from stone in Monarch.

REV. PETER P. SZYMANSKI, Baltimore, Md., of Polish descent, 1923-1926

Holy Name Parish, Sheridan was given this as a mission for two years until 2- 1-1928

REV. JOHN MCDEVITT – 1928-1933

REV. THOMAS F. O’REILLY- 1933-1936

REV. FREDERICK J. KIMMETT- Few months only

REV. PETER O’GRADY –1937-1939


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