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Birth Records

ANDERSON, Nels J. - Feb 17, 1916 son of Carl Algot and Signe Bertha Carlson Anderson (b. Rock Springs)
ANDERSON, Terry Hal - Nov 9, 1927 son of Hal and Leta Anderson (b. Green River)
ANDREWS, Lester - June 7, 1942 son of Thomas and Lester Andrews (b. Rock Springs)
ANTONETTI, Mary - Apr 23, 1924 daughter of Frank and Maria Magnetti Antonetti (b. Rock Springs)
BEEBE, Robert Boyd - May 12, 1934 son of George Henry and Clara May Fenton (b. Green River)
BOZNER, Matilda B. - July 27, 1934 daughter of Louis and Elizabeth Bozner (b. Green River)
BINGHAM, Shirley Marie - March 13, 1931 daughter of Claude and Henretta Katzmeyer Bingham (b. Green River)
BLACK, Robert Rae - Sept. 5, 1921 son of William and Helen Maxwell Black (b. Rock Springs)
CHURCH Colleen June - March 10, 1941 daughter of Hayden Wells and Dorothy Twitchell Church (b. Green River)
CLARK, Fred Jr. - Oct. 29, 1925, son of Fred Clark Sr. and Nettie Potter Clark (b. Reliance)
COLETTI, Domenica - Aug 12, 1924 daughter of Thomas and Mary Coletti (b. Rock Springs)
COLLINS, Harold - Juy 28, 1919 son of John and Agness Stuart Collins (b. Rock Springs)
CONNICK, Sidney T. - Oct 1, 1949 son of Sidney T. Sr. and Elsie Oxley Connick (b. Green River)
CONZATTI, Caroline - May 3, 1899 daughter of John Battista and Anna Catherine Mertz Conzatti (b. Rock Springs)
CORAZZA, Asunta - Apr 30, 1908 daughter of Pietro and Maria Covi Corazza (b. Rock Springs)
DAVIES, Elizabeth D. - Oct 8, 1921 daughter of Edward David and Kathryn Cameron Davies (b. Rock Springs)
DAVIS, James Daniel Jr. - March 9, 1921 son of James D. Sr. and Rena Ward Davis (b. Green River)
DECK, Duane - Jan. 1, 1940 son of Wayne Leroy and Clara Dillion Deck (b. Rock Springs)
DeGUIO, Elinor - Feb 19, 1927 daughter of Cetorano Rudolph and Ema Renate Rigoni DeGuio (b. Superior)
DESMOND, Joseph Henry - Jun 2, 1922 son of Medford Joseph and Myrtle Olive Desmond (b. Green River)
DOAK, Elizabeth Corona - Jun 8, 1918 daughter of John and Jean Weir Doak (b. Green River)
EADS, William A. - Jan 28, 1925 son of Perry Raymond and Margaret Rose Eads (b. Green River)
ELSWORTH, Duane Lamar - Oct 7, 1934 son of Kenneth Hutchinson and Florence Elizabeth Hollingshead Elsworth (b. Green River)
ELSWORTH, Merlin Robert - Nov 28, 1932 son of Milton Dick and Florence Edwards Elsworth (b. McKinnon)
ENGMAN, Arthur August - Nov 22, 1928 son of Gustov Werner and Fannie Marie Anderson Engman (b. Rock Springs)
FACKRELL, Cecil James -Apr 9, 1931 son of David Bandcroft and Ruby Pearl Attwood Fackrell (b. Rock Springs)
FEILD, Barbara F. - June 9, 1940 daughter of Jess and Rosalyn Jensen Feild (b. Rock Springs)
FERRERO, Marie Katherine - Apr 9, 1920 daughter of James and Martha Dyett Ferrero (b. Rock Springs)
FLORES, Helen A. - October 7, 1939 daughter of Telesforo and Susie Maez Flores (b. Rock Springs)
GENETTI, Ella - July 23, 1925 daughter of Frank and Ermina Yannes Genetti (b. Rock Springs)
GRAS, Dorothy - March 27, 1912 daughter of Peter and Mattie Jensen Gras (b. Green River)
HANKS, William Dennis - May 30, 1923 son of Joseph Edwin and Myrtle Greenhalgh Hanks (b. Green River)
HANSEN, Elaine H. - July 16, 1926 Daughter of John and Nellie Mae Gregory Hansen (b. Rock Springs)
HENDRICKSON, Louise H. - May 6, 1922 daughter of Guy H. and Ethel Hendrickson (b. Green River)
HOLMES, LeRoy Ernest - Mar 13, 1919 son of Frank T. and Ogla S. Holmes (b. Rock Springs)
HUNTER, Evelyn G. - Nov 29, 1921 daughter of Archie W and Eva Mary Hall Hunter (b. Green River)
HUNTER, Glen E. - Dec. 16, 1936 son of Woodrow and Helen (Branson) Hunter (b. Rock Springs
JELOSEK, Ronald Lee - Feb 19, 1935 son of John and Mary Jelosek (b. Rock Springs)
JEREB, Elsie - August 3, 1920 daughter of Joseph and Theresa Kalan Jereb (b. Rock Springs)
KAYDAS, Anna - Aug 10, 1909 daughter of Louis and Lucy Sanak Kaydas (b. Rock Springs)
KERSHISNIK, David Thomas - Mar 23, 1930 son of Frank John Jr. and Edna Marie Brownsfield Kershisnik (b. Rock Springs)
KIERNAN, Mary Elizabeth - Sep 17, 1919 daughter of Thomas Joseph and Annie Nelson Kiernan (b. Green River)
KINCAID, Clarence Calvin - May 10, 1921 son of Bernard Earl and Madeline Blanch Campbell Kincaid (b. Green River)
KINNEY, Lote B. - Oct 19, 1921 son of Lote Sr. and Viola Kinney (b. Rock Springs)
KOFOL, Florence - Dec 23, 1913 daughter of Anton and Rosalia Kofol (b. Rock Springs)
KOURBELAS, Mary - Dec. 3, 1917, daughter of Steven and Grace Kourbelas (b. Green River)
KUMAGI, Mary - Jan 12, 1920 daughter of Harry and Kisao Kumagi (b. Rock Springs)
LOGAN, Eva Marie - born Aug. 18, 1917 Daughter of David Logan and Ethel Gamble Logan (b. Burnt Fork)
MARCY, Barbara Jean - Nov 8, 1943 daughter of Fernand and Mary Genelini Marcy (b. Rock Springs)
MAHER, Evelyn - Apr 4, 1927 daughter of James and Merle Maher (b. Green River)
MAHER, Patricia Rose - May 18, 1930 daughter of James and Merle Maher (b. Green River)
MENGHINI, William A. - Nov 18, 1917 son of John B. and Lina Ziller Menghini (b. Rock Springs)
McARDLE, Bobette Marie - Oct 28, 1913 daughter of Robert and Jeanette McArdle (b. Green River)
McBRIDE, Mabel E. - Feb 10, 1911 daughter of Edgar and Maude Spicer McBride (b. Green River)
MIKIOVICH, Elsie Marie - May 5, 1920 daughter of Frank and Marie Clements Mikiovich (b. Rock Springs)
MUIR, Dorothy - Aug 5, 1922 daughter of Pete and Emma Muir (b. Rock Springs)
PARR, Peggy L. - Aug 28, 1945 daughter of James C and Mary Kozota Parr (b. Rock Springs)
PHILBRICK, Pearl Elvria - Aug 4, 1902 - daughter of Charles and Anna M. (Jensen) Philbrick (b. Granger)
PORTER, Albert Howard - Apr 4, 1922 son of Albert Howard and Beulah Virginia Twitchell Porter (b. Green River)
POTTER, Calvin Dee - Dec. 14, 1926 son of Timothy and Bertha Nelson Potter (b. Washum, Wy.)
REINSCH, Clara - May 31, 1925 daughter of Charles Albert and Ina Mae Rollins Reinsch (b. Green River)
RIDDLE, Tena - March 17, 1886 daughter of Mr. and Mrs Heriot Riddle (b. Rock Springs)
RIZZI, Val - Sep 8, 1941 son of Val and Dorothy Rizzi (b. Rock Springs)
ROCK, Phyllis - Nov 27, 1939 daughter of Clyde and Emma Overy Rock (b. Rock Springs)
ROLLINS, Sonja - Feb 5, 1939 daughter of Rodney W. and Lillian Russell Rollins (b. Green River)
SEDLACEK, Albert Jr. = Dec 20, 1927 son of Albert and Mabel Lamb Sedlacek (b. Green River)
SHEPARD, Virgina Dee - Aug 14, 1941 - daughter of Don and Stella Shepard (b. Rock Springs)
SLAGOWSKI, Leonard Eugene - Sep 11, 1919 - son of Eli Ephriam and Susan Merchant (b. Rock Springs)
SLOAN, Mary Ann January 11, 1896 - daughter of Peter and Mary Ann Dewhurst Sloan (b. Rock Springs)
SWANSON, Karen G. - Aug. 21, 1936, daughter of Edwin and Mabel Stavran Swanson.(b. Rock Springs)
TAUCHER, Mary - Dec 25, 1905 daughter of Louis and Mary Ceferin Taucher (b. Rock Springs)
TERRY, Heber Jex - Sep 23, 1916 son of Charles and Chasta Terry (b. McKinnon)
THOMPSON, Margaret - May 27, 1925 daughter of William Davis and Caroline Hegewald Thompson (b. Rock Springs)
THOMSON, Glenn William - Nov 24, 1927 son of William Robert and Leona Carter Thomson (b. Green River)
VAN VALKENBERG, Galen T - November 4, 1923 son of Galen and Florence Reese Van Valkenberg ( b. Rock Springs)
WATSON, John Edward - Apr 19, 1912 son of Edward and Ann Eliza Taylor Watson (b. Rock Springs)
WALKER, Alfred H. - Oct 22, 1924 son of Alfred and Mae Highley Walker (b. Rock Springs)
WALKER, J. Lowell - Sep 18, 1931 son of Leo Charles and Sarah Ardella Boren Walker (b. Green River)
WARBY, Hannah M. - July 27, 1921 daughter of Stephen and Hannah M Nelson Warby ( b. Mckinnon)
WARBY, Patsy - March 11, 1935 daughter of David and Mabel Katsmeyer Warby (b. Green River)
WEST, Barbara W. - July 13, 1934 daughter of Owen William and Blanch Lavon Salmon West (b. Rock Springs)
WIDDOP, Bernice - July 18, 1906 daughter of John and Mary Beach Widdop (b. Green River)
WILLARD, Aileen Marion - Dec 14, 1924 daughter of William and Mary Kukoy Willard (b. Rock Springs)
WOODRUFF, Phyllis - May 23, 1904 daughter of Harry and Ella Woodruff (b. Rock Springs)
YERKOVICH, Nick A. - Apr 7, 1916 son of Mike and Jennie Mimica Yerkovich (b. Rock Springs)

Submitted by Marie Miller

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